Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tonight, we dine in...

I finally have another room complete! This was another wallpaper room and I again will state how horrible wallpaper is. But this room didn't have just one wallpaper. No, it featured two amazing floral wallpapers. I say amazing because I am amazed that anyone would do this.

My before pictures are from when we were house-hunting, so its full of furniture that isn't ours and you can't see much of the bottom wallpaper.

Check out that light fixture. Ick.

So, in comes the wall paper removal team, mostly consisting of my dad, my mom, then Laura and Tom...(I think! Sorry if I missed anyone!)
My mom is always so cheery! Even when scraping walls...
Then we had nice fresh walls to paint. Look at my dad being a pro with the wall paper removal! 
We got all prepped to paint and found that the paint was clumping.
Did I mention how terrible wallpaper is?
On the walls was an invisible adhesive that you could only feel when wet.So, Meagan and I spent about 6 hours scrubbing the walls with wallpaper paste remover and tiny scotch-brite sponges. I hate you wallpaper. This room to took two full days before it was even ready to be painted. There should be a special hell for people who use wallpaper.

Anyway, Diane and I got to work and painted the room a few days later. Besides some mishaps with painters tape ripping the white off of the chair rail, it went smoothly.Then, Tom, Chris and my dad put up the new light fixture on Sunday, and complete with a curtain and my great grandmother's tablecloth, the room feels done.'s the finished product, what do you think?

And a sneak peek of what will hopefully be my next post:

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