Monday, May 20, 2013

My perfectly purple and grey dressing room

This post has been a year in the making. After previously begging for advice on what color rug to go with, I finally made a decision. I took none of the advice that I was given; I'm sorry! I just recently fell in love with grey and decided to go that route. However, I did take the advice to use some green in the room.

I found the perfect rug on Amazon one day. I was in love with it from the pictures and even happier with it when it arrived. It's a plush and heavy wool and it fits great in the space.

Then, I found some curtains to match! June is going to hem them for me, but they work for now!

Yesterday my parents surprised me with the finishing touch- a green desk and a matching chair! I am going to add a mirror to the top of the desk and use it as a vanity. On the desk you can see a beautiful vase that was given to me by a good family friend for my housewarming gift last year. I love the bright color!

My mom had the chair in a spare room. She matched the paint to the desk perfectly and reupholstered it with a fun paisley print. I love it!

I am so glad that I waited to finish this room so that it could become a nice collection of items that I really love and have meaning. Even Chris' family has their little spot in the room. A painted iron that belonged to his great aunt props open the door.

My hunt for fun frames to fill with some of my favorite pictures has begun. I look forward to yard saleing and antiquing this summer!

I love seeing the lilacs blooming purple on the bright green of the golf course from the window in the room. It's like nature is telling me that the color combinations are just right.

More to come eventually for a tour of the rest of the house! Thank you for stopping by.