Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making our bathroom livable....from wallpaper to the city

So our move to the country was a little shocking at first.

I love the city. I love the sounds of other people going about their daily lives. I feel safer in the presence of others than I do in the woods. I prefer the smell of hot pavement and exhaust to the smell of freshly cut grass or the forest.

So when we moved from Concord (not exactly a bustling metro) to our new home(on a golf course....not exactly the wilderness, I know) I had to bring some of the city with me.

So, introducing my bathroom. Let me describe it to you, to prepare you for the horror.

Off white fake tiling made out of some kind of wood. It looks dirty. Outdated fixtures that I can live with. The shower makes me feel like Will Ferrell in Elf.  You know, when he is realizing he is a human, and remembers showering, splashing water on himself because he's too tall for the shower-head? Either I am a giant or people were much shorter when they added plumbing.

So...we can fix the aesthetics. Paint the wood and remove the....oh wait. I forgot to mention. The wall paper. Oh, the wall paper. Lurking above the wood lies a few feet of this gem:
I know, it's so fabulous. It screams terrible motel that is full of roaches and mold.

So: cue wallpaper removal! Thanks to my friends Heather, June, and Kim the wallpaper came down!

Heather does not love wall paper removal. In fact, we had to hit this wall up with a sander after because it was so horrible!

Enter a few coats of paint, an amazing shower curtain, and some elbow grease...Voila! The end product:

I brought my bit of the city to the country, and I love it. Someday we'll fix those fixtures and that floor....but I am pleased for now.

Thanks for all the help ladies!

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